Three tiny things which annoy me on the Camino

I know I should be a better person. I am not.
These things should not touch me. They do.
First, mountain bikers and cyclists who speed down narrow paths with no warning until they shout “buen Camino” in your ear as they dash pass. How about ringing your bell or calling out first? Yes, this occurs all over the world wherever cyclists and walkers share the path and no doubt we annoy you too as we wander like a herd of cows. But …
Second, Walkers who, when they are fatigued, let their walking poles drag clattering on the ground making a peace-breaking racket through village or country. Pick them, Carry them, use them properly.
Third, Walkers carrying poles who decide to fossick in their bag or take off their jacket or look at their guide book and wave the poles backwards or forwards at 180 degree angles, imperilling anyone near them whilst they do it.
End of vent. Balance is restored. Just a bit of etiquette is all.
If this is all I can grumble about after 1200 km, well it isn’t much.
Let it go, I hear myself say.
I shall do better tomorrow.

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