Melbourne, Australia

Bio: It is time to update my matter of fact and frankly rather boring 'about' description. I spent my working life in universities first as an academic and later as a Faculty Dean and finally a decade as University Vice-President moving steadily further from my humanities background to a commercial and staff management series of roles. University life surrounded by challenging young people and colleagues intelligent and curious [mostly!] was wonderful, but I decided in my fifties that I wanted to focus on my dream of 'being a writer'. I dreaded dying without at least trying to fulfil a childhood dream. So I spent the next five years learning to write fiction, so different to writing academic books! and supported myself working part time as a consultant with universities in Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands and England. Since 2007 I have spent half the year living in Europe and half in Australia and yes, I follow the sun. I do not 'do' winters. Now my time is devoted to writing and to my passion for travel, especially hiking for weeks at a time and usually alone. I am incredibly lucky. I want to connect with people with similar passions - writing, travelling, walking, pondering the big questions - and this is the purpose of this blog. Over the coming months I intend to work on my blog to make it more appealing and accessible. All comments and advice welcome.

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. highland hind

    Walking for weeks at a time, making big changes in your life…. and trying to write / rewrite a novel? Sounds scarily familiar! Look forward to finding out how it works for you. N

  2. memoirsofahusk

    You liked one of my posts just now, I popped by and it seems after reading one or two of your (admirably short) posts I really should follow you!
    Keep on walking, exploring, writing…
    I used to think that in order to feel fulfilled I needed to be recognised for the fabulous talented individual I am 😉 I didn’t admit that, of course, but that’s how I felt inside. But now it’s about writing and writing and writing – and experiencing – and honing. And enjoying, Then, because of my nature, feeling guilty for not getting that recognition in the form of publication! You had had your wake up call, I am still foolishly faffing around. I look forward to following your journeys and learning from your experiences, too.

    1. David Stockley

      Thanks and likewise. I’ve read some of your posts previously and am probably too sparing with my ‘likes’ and comments, put it down to a ‘strict’ childhood, as we say. I find your posts evocative, atmospheric and more spacious than my rather to-the-point offerings; because of my time in Sweden over the last 10-15 years, I loved your Swedish ones, hence the ‘like’. Yes, these days it’s writing, hiking, exploring and making sense of life [getting there]. Oh and ‘faffing’ is one of my favourite words and activities. Good luck to both of us.


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