walking and plotting

On Sunday I did my first ‘long’ walk after my foot operation last October, some 32 km, and spent the time wrestling with the plot structure of my novel-in progress set on the Camino. After two weeks of scene shuffling, including deleting scenes which I liked but which I had to concede added nothing to the novel [‘kill your darlings’ as they term it] and adding a few new scenes, maybe, just maybe I have settled on a structure which works. Now back to another day of drafting and re-drafting in which, one hopes, the exhilaration of writing eventually outweighs the agony.

3 thoughts on “walking and plotting

  1. jenniferlbryce

    I can empathise with the pain. Do you ‘shuffle’ electronically or manually? On Sunday I am going to a workshop and we have been advised to buy boxes of filing cards in anticipation of a lot of ‘scenes’ to shuffle.

    1. brunswick123 Post author

      Electronically as my first step and I also have boxes of different colour filing cards denoting particular types of scenes/involvement of characters. That comes next. I am on wait list for Sunday, got organised too late.


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