my first time

No, not what you may be thinking. Rather, this is my first foray into the world of blogging. Having spent much of my life working with words and ideas, it is time to enter this new [for me] form of sharing and commenting, especially as the ‘hero’ in my work-in-progress novel is an aspiring blogger and novelist so we have art imitating life or, more accurately, life imitating art in my case. Speaking of ‘walking’, this is another great passion and in May I intend to walk the Via Gebennensis from Geneva to Le Puy; last year I walked the Via Podiensis from Le Puy to Pamplona and the year before part of the Camino from Leon to Santiago, setting my novel in the wonderful history and romance of these great traditional pilgrimage paths. Writing and walking as two different quests for meaning and an authentic voice: sounds pretentious I know, so let’s stress the fun of it all. This is why I took early retirement from universities 7 years ago and now have cleared the decks to write and to wander.
No more excuses!
Let us see what happens!

3 thoughts on “my first time

  1. marniejn

    Beautiful looking blog – I take it that’s your photograph? And congratulations on this step with your novel. It certainly does sound like interesting times, and not at all conceited. I’ve subscribed and I think I’ll enjoy reading your posts along the way!

    1. brunswick123 Post author

      Thanks Marnie, alas it is not my photo and I used a template from wordpress, so none of it is original. I intended to customise, but this has come up nicely and I think I will leave it alone for now. After Karen’s pep talk at the marvellous weekend workshop, I am trying to ‘put myself out there’, albeit it goes completely against the grain to do any big noting. Thanks for the support about the novel, scary exciting!


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